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Currently, we are not open for applications: the residency is fully booked until beginning of 2014. When you, or your organization is interested in our residency  or in a collaboration between organizations for a later period, please send an email (no attachments!) to

The residency at HWW is open to artists and curators working in contemporary art. HWW works with international partner organizations and with applications by individuals or by invitation only. OPen calls are published on our website and spread by email.

For many years now, Het Wilde Weten has been running a guest studio, providing international artists the opportunity to live and work in a unique place such as Rotterdam: a popular breeding ground and stage for many (inter)national renowned and upcoming artists. One of the reasons the art scene in Rotterdam is so international, is because of the presence of these residencies run by studio buildings; many of the artists in residence decided to stay in Rotterdam.

The studio building of Het Wilde Weten is a beautiful former monastery in the center of Rotterdam that was renovated between 2002 and 2004. Het Wilde Weten is a non profit foundation, managed by the artists of Het Wilde Weten since beginning of the nineties. The studio building, the public programme and the residency is run by the artists themselves. We are not directly linked to any municipal/national cultural institution. Our public programme is supported financially by the Municipal Service for Art and Culture (DKC), City of Rotterdam.

The residency duration is usually three months. At the beginning of each stay, as an introduction, the guest artist will be asked to give an ‘Artist Talk’ to serve as an introduction to the Rotterdam art scene and fellow HWW members. Along with this artist talk event we possibly invite other guest artists currently working in Rotterdam and can request the artist to participate in activities organised by the RAiR Foundation when appropriate. At the end of the residency period the artist is invited to make his or her exhibition/presentation in the 80m2 residency space of HWW.

residency space Het Wilde Weten

Since July 2013, we are happy to announce that our residency has moved to another space in the building: it is now housed in the former project space on the ground floor. This is a huge space of about 80m2. Bathroom is on the same floor, toilet and kitchen are shared. The artist has a separate living space on the first floor of about 30 m2. Bathroom and (shared) toilet is adjacent to that studio.

The costs for our guest studio includes broadband internet connection, TV, printer, dvd player and own fridge. A Dutch prepaid cell phone and a bike, towels and bedlinnen are also provided. For cooking, the guest will be using the common kitchen on the ground floor.

Unfortunately Het Wilde Weten does not offer funding for our guest studio program. However we can provide a letter of invitation on request in order for you to apply for funding in your own country. If you are selected and have confirmed your residency period at Het Wilde Weten (usually 4-6 months ahead), we will send you a contract and will ask you to make a deposit in advance of one month rent plus 100 euros to cover any possible extra cleaning costs or damage for the studio that we will return at the end of your stay if the studio is left in good order. If you need to cancel you residency less than 3 months before the start of the residency, a fee needs to be paid as stated in the contract.

Please note that Het Wilde Weten has just one residency/resident at a time: the artist in resident is the only artist also living in the building. Other artist run spaces in Rotterdam that run residency programs are: Foundation BAD, Kaus Australis, Kunst en Complex, NAC Foundation, Galerie Hommes.

To apply:

Current guest: Vincent Vreeke

Previous guests:

Giacomo Garziano
, Charles Mathis, Artists OPEKTA, Cologne (DE), Emre Gülcan (TR – through TENT.)Antoinette Nausikaa (NL), Alba Colomo  – curator (through Sala Rekalde/ BizkaiKOA, Bilbao ES), Ellen Henriette Suhrke / Johanne Birkeland (on behalf of Hellebou) (NO), Sarojini Lewis (NL), Mercedes Azpilicueta (AR), Joep Overtoom (NL), Patrik Grijalvo Millois (ES),  Angel de la Rubia (ES), Yolanda de los Bueis (ES), Gerben Meinders (NL), Daan den Houter (NL), Elizabeth Rowe (via Springhill Institute – supported by the Arts Council Birmingham, UK), Carlos Fernández-Pello (ES), Carme Noguiera (Vigo, ES), Edward Clydesdale Thomson (NL/UK), Kepa Garraza (via Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, ES), Diego Bruno (AR / FI), Karl Ingar Roys (NO), Daniele Pario Perra (IT), Mark Glassner (AT), Joseph Hallam (via The Arts Council, Birmingham, UK), Zigor Barayazarra (via Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, ES), Emile Zile (AU), Melina Berkenwald (AR), Judi Werthein (USA), Silke Koch (DE), Simon & Tom Bloor (via The Arts Council, Birmingham, UK), Andrew McQualter (AU) ,Johannes Buss (DE), Giancarlo Pazzanese & Marcela Moraga (CL), Annu Wilenius (FI), Ruth Baettig and Hassan Elbaze (CH), Sophia Tabatadze (GE)

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