13.01.2013 A Toast to the New Year!

Sunday 13 January 16-19h
We invite all our friends, colleagues, guest artists, partners and other brothers and sisters to join us for a modest New Year’s reception this Sunday afternoon. We will toast to this new, hopefully fruitful and inspiring year and against all current economical and moral hardship!
Since we are also a bit on a budget, we will treat you to the first round between 16 and 17h or until the free drinks run out. Bar is open until 19 but you are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks….

We hope you will take the opportunity to meet, greet and maybe also try to informally join forces for this year we have ahead of us.

We hope to see you here!
Kind regards,
Anouk Griffioen, Dico Kruijsse, Elian Somers, Esther Kokmeijer, Eva Olthof, Jan Adriaans, Jeroen Bosch, Jetske de Boer, Kim Bouvy, Kim Zieschang Marcel Swint, Marcha van den Hurk, Marielle Buitendijk, Sannetje van Haarst, Simon Kentgens, Koen Taselaar and current guest artist Emre Gülcan (Turkey – winner TENT. Academy Award 2012)