21-12 Exhibition & Book Launch Sumantra Mukherjee – Normal


Opening 21st December 6pm.
Book published by Publication Studio Rotterdam.
Exhibition: 22st December – 28th December 2015

Normally I’d describe myself as a painter working in Kolkata. However right now I’m here in Rotterdam on a ‘Tourist visa’ to be Het Wilde Weten’s guest artist.

Normally I’d describe myself a draughtsman handling ‘old’ media. I hide behind these medias to produce images.

Normally I’d describe myself sitting behind the sketch pad. You know it’s easier hanging around longer in spaces: attaching to the ground rather slowly.

Normally I’d describe my left arm resting on my right foot.

Normally I’d describe drinking coffee with dead fish stacked in ice on half price sale: new monuments.

Normally I literally take a long time to notice the life beyond the objects, I keep on sketching people.

No Normal routine schedule comfort zone.

Normal sketches piled up as image data … gradual concentrate figure archive charcoal paint.

Normal posters scraped off from the streets.

Sumantra Mukherjee has been guest artist at Het Wilde Weten since September. In this presentation he will show the work he’s developed while in Rotterdam along with lunching a book of his sketches published by Publication Studio Rotterdam.