24.06.2011 – 26.06.2011 NEUTRAL SPACES by Patrik Grijalvo Millois

Opening Friday 24 June 2011, 18:00 – 21:00h
And open on
Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 June, 13.00-19.00h (and untill 1 July by appointment only: call 06-27571216 or mail patrikgrijalvo@gmail.com)

In his work, artist Patrik Grijalvo (ES) researches the possibilities of formal pictorial compositions in photography, for which he uses architectural elements such as the façades of buildings. Grijalvo then adds a third dimension to his images by creating sculptures from his photographs. Careful illumination of these spatial pieces results in a game of appearances between the real and the photographed shades. In these works made during his residency, Grijalvo explores the pictorial potential of Rotterdam’ architecture

Patrik Grijalvo Millois is artist in residence at Het Wilde Weten from April through June 2011.