Artist in Residence: Huang Chih Hua

Het Wilde Weten welcomes Huang Chih Hua for a residency from May 1st to July 31st 2023. A Taiwanese visual artist with a background in architecture, Chih Hua founded PAPERBLEATS in 2021 (, an artistic research studio mainly focused on texts, visionary drawings and site-specific works, with a particular interest in how discrete elements can be seen collectively as a constellation and later bring up new understandings of space.

During her residency, Chih Hua will work on understanding the structure of the psychic space, dissecting its complexity through artistic means. The house is seen as a symbol of the psyche, a building of an intimate being where unity and complexity exist. By seeing drawings, models, and texts as a way to speculate on the inner context, she is interested in understanding how people recognise and identify themselves through her work.