Artist in Residence: Natalia Papaeva

Natalia Papaeva is an artist, born and raised in Buryatia (Eastern Siberia). Since 2013, she has lived and worked in the Netherlands. Her artworks mainly take the shape of performances and video art. A starting point for Natalia’s work can be an imaginative dialogue, a text or a confrontational memory. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague in 2018 with the award-winning work Yokhor. In 2021 Natalia received a Mondriaan Stipendium for Emerging Artists. In September 2022, Papaeva will start her residency in the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam.

About the residency
During my residency, I am going to focus on my artistic research about Russian colonialism and Soviet ethnography. I have gathered the 20th-century archival footage during my trips to Russia in 2021. I would like to reflect on found footage and materials.


Image information: Manai Khada, 2021, digital collage, Natalia Papaeva