Artist Talk by Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina and a contribution by Reinaart Vanhoe


Restitution of 1755: Hacking Giyanti (2015) Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina and Yudi Ahmad Tajudin. Procession, discussion, performance

Tuesday 20th of September
20:00 Het Wilde Weten

Why I visit Europe / why I don’t want to visit is the title of the talk Irwan & Tita will give about their current research on colonialism and rebellion in Java. They will also talk about how funding and global network have changed and shifted the spirit of collectivism in indonesia

Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina are artists based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They studied Graphic Design at Institut Kesenian in Jakarta. Their artworks often are series of interventions in public space in which they make use of found objects and situational experiments, specifically designed to respond to social issues of the cities where their projects take place.

They have participated in projects and artist residences in Indonesia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Poland, USA, and Germany.

Reinaart Vanhoe is an artist based in Rotterdam and frequently in Jakarta

He recently published the book Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else.How Indonesian Art Initiatives Have Reinvented Networking with Onomatopee

Featuring: Ruangrupa, Lifepatch, JAF, Jatiwangi Art Factory, Moelyono, Wok the Rock and others.

This book focuses mainly on the Jakarta-based artists’ initiative ruangrupa, and to a lesser degree on a number of other Indonesian artists and initiatives, as case studies of how Indonesian artists organise and manifest themselves individually as well as collectively.

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He currently runs together with many others ruru huis in Arnhem during Sonbeek ’16 transACTION curated by ruangrupa. Everyone is welcome at ruru huis, which ruangrupa opened in July 2015. Initially located at Looierstraat 43 in Arnhem, ruru huis is a place to work and to meet, much like ruangrupa’s house in Jakarta.

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