Guest: Jiajia Qi

Guest at Het Wilde Weten residency: Jiajia Qi

Artist practise
My work formally and conceptually based on analyzing and visualizing what happens during the process in which people experience an uncertain blank space. The uncertain blank space for me, is a diagram without an outline, an invisible gap that people too often neglect, and, a dynamic fluctuating process occurring between static structures.

When people enter these kinds of blank space, they not only experience the space but recognize something of themselves in the experience. Then, there is the possibility that they may become aware of their tiny perception, the one too minuscule to be noticed, too familiar, or too habitual to rise to the level of awareness. I create experiential site-specific spaces that incorporate interactive setting, architectural and sculptural elements.

Residency plan in HWW
I will create a series of site-specific installations, to demonstrate the relationship between the perception of body, self-consciousness, and the surrounding.