July 22: artist talks with Gerben Willers / All Together Now (NL) and Isabel Marcos (ES)


Next Wednesday: artist talks with Gerben Willers / All Together Now (NL) and Isabel Marcos (ES). Come over and have a drink!

July 22, 19:30h

Gerben Willers will talk about his label All Together Now which represents and guides contemporary artists in their careers, and is committed to the production, presentation, mediation, and sale of their work. Artists who have joined the label are: Abner Preis (IL/US), Fraser Stewart (UK), Willehad Eilers (DE) and Frederique Jonker (NL).

Isabel Marcos is the current artist in residence at HWW. Marcos will present a work in progress; she has been collecting objects and stories related to what she calls “spaces in transition” in the city of Rotterdam. With this activity, Marcos is creating fictional relationships with domestic spaces, prolonging their state of transition, and generating new spaces to reflect about what post-domestic architecture means in the spatial production of urban realities. This experience-based research explores the notion of dance as a time disruption in space, postponing as an art practice and inhabiting spaces that only exist in the so-called future to approach daily life in the city.

From 18-19h, All Together Now presents an event by Max Dovey: A geometrical sceance poke reading. Participating artists are Lucas Battich, Max Dovey, Elleke Hageman, Jeffery P. Hasler and thereisamajorprobleminaustralia. This event is part of 6PM Your Local Time Europe.
www.6pmyourlocaltime.com #6pmeu. More than 350 artists, 100 different locations in 23 European countries organize this collaborative event.