Friday 31 January: Luuk Smits Concentrated Daydreaming: An exhibition on Proces

31 January 17:00-21:00
1 Februari 12:00-16:00

This exhibition showcases works in progress, as much as it exhibits a working process. Over the period of four months, Luuk Smits has undertaken an artistic research project focused on ‘concentrated daydreaming’; taming the brain to wander. This he explores through the physical act of walking. In this case, navigating the urban fabric of Rotterdam specifically.

The exhibition brings together a composition of accumulated elements, derived from random encounters, pictures taken by the artist, materials from his personal archives, and online images, as well as objects and materials collected during his walks. Taken together, Smits is interested in exploring the potential that friction and harmony between images and objects presents when it comes to connecting to our material surroundings in new ways.