Opening Friday Oct 22: New sound and voice works by Justine McDonnell and Joshua Thies

Opening: Friday Oct 22 – 19:00h*
Open: Saturday Oct 23 & Sunday Oct 24, 14:00h – 17:00h
Open by appointment on Oct. 25, 26 & 27.

❗️*Het Wilde Weten follows the current corona measures. To attend the opening on Friday a valid proof of vaccination or negative test (QR code/printed) is required.

Current resident artists Justine McDonnell and Joshua Thies present the outcomes of their three months residency at Het Wilde Weten. Both artists explore sound in their practice, and have been researching the local contexts of the building of Het Wilde Weten and the harbour of Rotterdam respectively through the voice and sound recordings.

Justine McDonnell is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose practice explores the physicality of the female voice. McDonnell considerers the voice as a malleable material ripe for exploration which can be manipulated, distorted and controlled.

Throughout her three month residency at Het Wilde Weten McDonnell has continued to explore her artistic practice and research by staging the voice within live performance and audio. Using cut-up techniques she has created new scripted scores which employ text from her own writings, song lyrics and sacred texts to generate narrative.

Her final presentation Scores for Other is a new sound work drawing on autobiographical and fictional narratives. This work explores the performative potential of the voice and is staged to invite the viewer to ask themselves what they are looking ‘for’ rather than ‘at’. Moving through a scripted score, the voice shifts in pace, tone and moments of silence.

Joshua Thies presents new audio and video works based on sound mapping, through field recordings, of the Waalhaven district of Rotterdam. On view are video works from his series which exploit the virtual space of Google Earth. These animations consider some cultural and political topics while examining the surface of our planet from a distance. Hear his field recording compositions at the links below.