01.11.2011 Poetry reading ‘Notes from Rotterdam’ by Mercedes Azpilicueta

Open Tuesday November 1 2011 doors open 19:30, start 20:00h

‘Since I believe that through readings I can address the importance of regaining the “I” of the poet, I would like to invite you to a poetry reading. I am trying to build a language that somehow evokes the use of the body and voice as vigorous gestures, as vehicles to understand relationships and affection. On this evening, I will read some texts from Buenos Aires and some from Rotterdam. And for the unexpected, I will also like to be read, among all, a poem from someone I admire.’

Mercedes Azpilicueta (1981, Argentina), artist in residence at Het Wilde Weten, October 2011.

She recently received the Argentinian scholarship Maria Marta Sánchez Elia de Nuñez and for 2011-2013 she will be living in Netherlands to obtain her Master degree in Fine Arts at the Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ. Through the DAI, she has joined the project practice-theatre 2011-2012 tutored by Ian White in collaboration with Emma Hedditch and Jimmy Robert and curated by ‘If I Can´t Dance, I Don´t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution’. Currently, her practice is developing towards a type of performing where the possibility of speech can be reached. To her knowledge, practice involves futility and transcendence and she has become more and more interested in the idea of leaping between these two places. To bounce is an appealing way of developing her energies in a spontaneous way, to be able to constantly transform herself in each particular situation and social context. Either with drawings or words her practice tries to become a palimpsest of superimposed symbols and random utterances that mirrors the fragile and chaotic sense of knowledge. “I am interested in decoding the idea that all meaning is surrounded by an impenetrable darkness. And that what we can perceive are isolated lights in the abyss of ignorance.”