05.11.2011 – 06.11.2011 MALEREI 4 with V & B

Opening Saturday November 5 2011, 21:00 – 00:00
And open on Sunday November 6 2011, 13:00 – 17:00

Malerei is a series of nine solo exhibitions, with the duration of one weekend each, showing paintings from Dutch artists.
The fourth Malerei account the work of  V & B , Alex Jacobs (Vlaardingen 1973) en Ellemieke Schoenmaker (Balkburg 1968).

This Malerei with V & B (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker) is a continuation of their solo show The Work, The Study, The Oeuvre and The Collection, which took place in September and October this year at Galerie10 in Utrecht. During Malerei they will focus on The Collection.
V & B make paintings, sculptures and installations which have their origin in the existence as an artist and how he / she moves within contemporary society. The duo is always looking for new ways of creating an image whereby in painting a brush stroke is never visible. In the recent works, shown during Malerei, they used casting, grinding and gouging as techniques in order to create different layers of paint.

During Malerei V & B invites artists to exchange their work under the name FITAX Solo starring: Olaf Mooij, Max Presneill, Barry Berkenbosch, Hidde van Schie, Pim Palsgraaf, Aquil Copier, Laura d’Ors, Inge Aanstoot, Babette Kleijn, Joncquil, Daan den Houter, Anique Weve, Bas Zoontjens, Marielle Buitendijk, Dagmar Atladottir, Kees Koomen, Jeroen Bosch, Jeroen Jongeleen, Alex Tennigkeit, Ben Kruisdijk, Marcha van den Hurk, Stefan Gross, Trendbeheer and others.Exchanging art is a way to determine the intrinsic value of art together.

The Fitax is a concept developed by the Tupajumi Foundation, an idea to start and / or expand an art collection without money.

Image: The Rime of the Ancient Cash Machine, 2011, 122×150 cm., mixed paint on wood by V & B