02.09.2010 Gerben by Gerben Meinders

“…Drawing is energy, it is action, it’s fast. Drawing is what I do, no story to tell, but just draw and see what happens. It’s not important how, when or where, just creating. Black on white, red, blue or yellow, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s real, ink on top of paper, something you can hold on to, something to look at and share with others.
Drawing is making a mark, being there and feeling alive. I want to draw myself to freedom in any possible way. Freedom to act totally ridiculous and rebellious, drowning paper vessels in ink, create fingerprints on a crime scene; ‘what do the fingerprints show?’, ‘What is drawing in itself?’ and ‘What is the language of drawing and can I read it?’
I’m always curious and blown away by people who draw. From cave drawings to computer drawings, from children’s drawings to the art drawings on the walls of museums, from dirty graffiti to comic books and animations, it’s all good.
It’s the energy, the big boom, the beginning, new ideas, it can’t be stopped. Total freedom…”

The last three months, Gerben Meinders has been working in the gueststudio at Het Wilde Weten. The final presentation of his work will be shown in the projectspace at Het Wilde Weten. The presentation consist drawings and animations.

Opening: Thursday the 2th of September at 16:00
Open at appointment:
from Friday the 3th of September till Thursday the 12th of September , 13:00 – 17:00 hrs. (Monday and Tuesday closed)
phone +31(0) 618 993 790 mail: mail@gerbenmeinders.com

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Special thanks to YGA, a project of NP3.