08.10.2009 ‘If distance was an object between us’.

Artist Talk by: ELIZABETH ROWE (UK)

Thursday October 8 at 19.30 (please join us for a bite and a drink starting from 19:00)

if the distance between us were an object

Rowe makes work from material she accumulates. Things that are given to her, objects she finds in the streets or buys from 2nd hand shops, newspapers, magazines and free advertising. Through a range of processes such as cutting up, reassembling or drawing over, she attempts to control the mass of stuff she gathers and to edit her self into the work.

With an interest in questioning the nature of different ‘realities’ while realising that the only one she will ever know is her own, she mashes up and reinterprets different sources, histories and ideas. The results are overlaps, ruptures and spillages of meaning that open spaces between public and private experience and make connections between the global and the local.