18.03.2011 – 24.03.2011 Speaking of was and when by Angel de la Rubia

Speaking of was and when
Angel de la Rubia

In his new works that combine photography, drawing and projections, artist Angel de la Rubia (ES) examines how shifting contexts articulate memory and identity. This presentation turns the exhibition space into a promenade where standing ruins answer our gaze with a murmur of vanquished words.

Angel de la Rubia is artist in residence at Het Wilde Weten from January through March 2011.

Friday March 18 2011, 18:00 – 21:00
And open on Saturday March 19 and Sunday March 20, 14:00 – 17:00 (or until March 24 by appointment, please call 06-27571216 or mail angeldelarubiab@gmail.com)

During his residency in Rotterdam, Angel de la Rubia tried to develop an alternative language for his themes other than his usual documentary photography; a language that allows him to work not only with facts and traces, but also with the gaps and narrations that they contain. A memorial park in former East Berlin, the walls of a modern leprosy and the ruins of Pompeii are the stages where some of the artist’s recurrent subjects can be visited: the ideological constructions of history, the limits of memory and the forgetting of the self.

Angel de la Rubia has alternated the work on his own national and regional history with treating related themes in places like the Balkans or Lebanon. He has exhibited in MUSAC in Leon, Centre d’Art Santa Mónica in Barcelona or Mücsarnok  in Budapest among others.