11 – 20 dec Yvon Ariese, Lidewij Sloot, Liza Prins & Layla Durrani – Acts of Archiving

Yvon Ariese, Lidewij Sloot en Liza Prins in collaboration with Layla Durrani.

/// Cancelled/closed due to the lockdown ///

This exhibition approaches the archive as a living practice, which alchemizes when we as artists engage with its material. We know that the archive is never neutral, but rather unfolds from our interaction with it. An archive is constantly being made and unmade and reinterpreted with time.

Whether we focus on decaying objects and materials on an uninhabited island, or the dust collected on our scanner at the end of a studio-day, or the stories preserved on an early-internet herbalist’s website, our pieces become fragmented expressions of a shared exploration of fluid approaches to archiving.

Exhibition Opening: Friday December 11th 12:00-20:00

Exhibition Open on: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12:00-18:00 December 11-13th and the weekend of December 18th – 20th.

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Yvon Ariese
Liza Prins en Layla Durrani
Lidewij Sloot