Guest: Curator Arda van Tiggelen

Guest at Het Wilde Weten residency: Curator Arda van Tiggelen

Curator Arda van Tiggelen started her residency at Het Wilde Weten where she will be working until end of April. She is working on an exciting future project: a traveling artist-in-residency. The idea is to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok with the iconic Trans-Siberian railway, together with 6 artists.

On the way, the participants will develop new works, that will be shaped by the conditions and their experiences. Arda is developing the project together with one of the artists, the Rotterdam artist Natalia Papaeva, who was born in Buryatia, Siberia. Crossing the continent by train will provide a unique experience of Russian cultures and landscapes.

Concepts that the project aims to explore and challenge include: the perception of Russia and Siberia in the West, cultural and language diversity within contemporary Russia, relations between identity and territory and natural and man-made landscapes.

During her stay at Het Wilde Weten, Arda will start with focusing on exploring the perception of Siberia in the West and the notions of periphery versus center and Hinterland.

Arda van Tiggelen is a Dutch independent curator who is based in Amsterdam. Her latest project is an open air art route exhibiting four videoworks by Natalia Papaeva in Leeuwarden, at art initiative VHDG in Leeuwarden, that opens on Saturday 13 March: