New guest artist: Sarojini Lewis (NL) 01.11.2011 – 31.12.2011

Sarojini Lewis (1984)

Artist Statement

My photographic work explores geography and genetics of location. I have travelled between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Scotland and Holland.

Walking in the city I feel a pressure when certain types of buildings surround me. Motivated by these feelings I traversed the Scottish natural parks and woods. In these spaces I make photographs influenced by living in the city. I do not intend to give a certain answer to questions about what could be natural and what could be constructed in this space. These questions remain unanswered. Instead of a clear documentation of these environments I create a more surreal image. I aim to show different narratives within the photographic documentation of landscape and city aspects. Altogether they make an unclear narrative. Suggesting something.

The more apparent natural parks and woods of Scotland are married with another rural perspective drawn from Israel and surrounding countries and borders.

The way I photograph landscape is related to an emotional ‘state of mind’;

On the one hand it is the human desire of being a part of a natural environment, on the other hand it is the feeling of being out of context in that same environment.