New member: Carina Hesper

Het Wilde Weten welcomes our new member Carina Hesper:

As a nomad in the visual arts, I create worlds that connect. Bridges are built in similarities and differences exist to overcome. By traveling to hidden layers, you eventually learn endlessly from each other.

Carina is a conceptual image maker who plays on a variety of the sensory spectrum. “I am always looking for a total concept in which everything fits together seamlessly or exposes real conflicts of interest”.

One of Carina’s key works is her artist’s book Like a Pearl in my Hand, in which photographic portraits of visually impaired children from China are completely covered in black thermochromatic ink; the portraits only become visible by touch.

Like a Pearl in my Hand form and content are brought together in a unique and interactive way; the blind children, their concealment from society and the touch that is needed to see their portraits. The viewer experiences what it is like to be without sight and becomes actively involved in the fate of a group of vulnerable children.
You are challenged to touch something that you are normally only allowed to look at. This adds a tactile side to the medium of photography – a medium that is pre-eminently about seeing and being seen.
“For each project I look for the appropriate visual language, with a strong commitment to themes of nature, the environment and food.

Since 2018 I have been working with visual artist Annette Behrens on a long-term photography & food project called ‘Toffe Peren‘.