Artist in Residence: Daniel Frota de Abreu

Through archival research, films, sculptures and lecture-performances, Daniel Frota de Abreu investigates the role of montage and fabulation in the documentation of natural and historical events. His research uses imaginative and archival strategies to draw connections between the preservation practices, geographical displacements of objects in museums and the political entanglements embedded in the production of scientific knowledge.

During his residency at Het Wilde Weten, Daniel will continue his project “Memória Forense” as part of Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Research Fellowship. The project takes the port of Rotterdam as a case study, focusing on the new infrastructure that is being designed to capture carbon dioxide produced by power plants and bury it indefinitely under the North Sea in empty geological deposits of natural gas. What are the crossovers between the capture and storage of CO2 and the capture and storage of natural history colonial collections? What new readings for past and future preservation practices can emerge by putting these two topics together?