Petition against raise VAT (BTW) on visual arts to 21% in the Netherlands!

Within one year, the arts and culture in the Netherlands has been hit by enormous cuts on many sides: one of them was the raise of the low VAT (BTW) rate of 6% on art objects and commission to the rate of 19%. This rate of 6% was also applied on the performing arts, on theatre, dance and music performances ea.

But another raise was  announced: it will now rise further from 19% to an impossible 21%. However, it seems performance art ea will be made exempt from this new raise and will return to the low rate of 6% again. Ridiculously enough, the now demissionary cabinet has decided NOT to lower the rates for the visual arts, meaning art objects and also art commissions will have to deal with a 21% VAT!

We do not except this imbalance between the different disciplines and rates which make it even more impossible for visual artists and galleries to survive these times. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE!


We thank you.