25.07.2009 State of the Notion

Artist Talk & call for collaboration

A project by Carlos Fernández-Pello

State of the Notion is a project that deals with the building up of cultural identity.

Our current guest Carlos Fernández-Pello was born in 1985 Madrid, Spain, and lives and works in Madrid. He studied Fine Arts and recently he received a MFA degree for Art Theory and Practice at UCM (Madrid University).
Carlos Fernández-Pello will talk about his work and explain about his new project; State of the Notion. For this project he is looking for artists and producers from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to collaborate with.  
The project will consist of organising an “international summit” in the surroundings of Mount Vaals (Vaalserberg), in the southern region of Limburg. This landmark, also called Drielandenpunt, was the highest point of the Netherlands and the place where the three borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands come together. However, between 1830 and 1919 there was a fourth temporary state named Neutraal Moresnet.

The purpose of the project is to produce the furniture and the rules of a boardgame for three contestants, one from each of the countries that will meet at the Vaalserberg. In this boardgame the players will be required to answer questions and express their views about different aspects of the story of the fourth missing country in their own mother language, enabling reflection on cultural identity.

Carlos Fernández-Pello is looking for artists and producers from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, that are highly interested in the project, that can engage in an international and online working environment, and that are willing to have some fun.

For more info check: www.escopica.net/sotn and http://www.moresnet.nl/index.html


State of the Notion (Estado de la Noción) is funded by the
Madrid Area of the Arts. The project is possible thanks to the collaboration of Het Wilde Weten and the Aula de Propulsión Escópica.