17.09.2009 Talking About! – The Glocal Artist Collective

Thursday September 17, 2009 at 20:00
In the context of the Talking About!-programme, Het Wilde Weten was asked to host Cameroon artists Goddy Leye (Artbakery) and Hervé Youmbi (Cercle Kapsiki) between September 14-17. During the first 3 days, the artists will visit 12 Rotterdam’ Artist Collectives, from the new and upcoming projectspaces, to the more established studiobuildings and residencies. Het Wilde Weten would like to introduce them to the different local cultural practises and organizational models of the contemporary artist collective, imbedded in a global context. Continue reading 17.09.2009 Talking About! – The Glocal Artist Collective

25.07.2009 State of the Notion

Artist Talk & call for collaboration

A project by Carlos Fernández-Pello

State of the Notion is a project that deals with the building up of cultural identity.

Our current guest Carlos Fernández-Pello was born in 1985 Madrid, Spain, and lives and works in Madrid. He studied Fine Arts and recently he received a MFA degree for Art Theory and Practice at UCM (Madrid University).
Carlos Fernández-Pello will talk about his work and explain about his new project; State of the Notion. For this project he is looking for artists and producers from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to collaborate with.   Continue reading 25.07.2009 State of the Notion